No other bedliner compares to our Perma-Tech sprayed on bedliners
  • Air-Tight, Water Tight Seal Resists Rust, Corrosion
  • Resists climate extremes-won't warp or crack
  • Maximizes usable cargo space
  • Allows for easy installation of all accessories
  • Impossible to steal
  • Bonds permanently to surface
  • Minor damage easily repaired
  • Resists most chemicals, fuels, and fertilizers
  • Odor-free, solvent-free
  • Environmentally friendly product
  • Drains water from original drain holes
  • Effectively resists cargo slippage
  • Super-pliable, absorbs impact without damage
  • Stretches to over twice its length
  • Easily apply your choice of textures
  • UV stable formula that won't chalk out
  • On-the-spot custom colors of your choice
  • Water droplet texture on glossy surface
  • Precise auto shut-off delivery system
  • Available in glow-in-the-dark colors

Use the Perma-Tech Color Selector to view any color truck, with any color bedliner!

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